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PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:47 pm 
Showy Hen
Showy Hen
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I have just got a blue and splash and pewter silkie chics and im woundering what makes them up???

i also have blacks, silver birchants, greys, whites and gold birchants.
any ideas on what will happen if i mix the colours??

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:13 am 
Prime Pekin
Prime Pekin
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Do a search on Blue & you will find lots of threads, likewise Birchen

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:56 pm 
Gallant Game
Gallant Game

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This is an excerpt from an email I recieved - it should help you answer your question...

You can keep Blacks, Blues, and Splashes all in one pen. You need only one cockbird and he can be any of those colors. So if your Silkie roo is Black, then your hens need to be Blue or Splash. That's because Black to Black will not throw Blue or Splash. Following is the chart which will show you the outcome of the color crossings:

1) Blue x Blue: This will produce 25% black, 50% blue, 25% splash.

2) Black x Blue: Produces 50% black and 50% blue.

3) Black x Splash: You'll get 100% blue.

4) Blue x Splash: Produces 50% blue and 50% splash.

5) Splash x Splash: This will give you 100% Splash.

The percentages might not be exact in the first, second, and fourth crossings shown above, because genetics isn't an exact science. But those crossings will produce those colors because of the blue genes in the parent birds.

Here is why the chart above throws those colors of babies... A black bird has no blue genes. A blue bird has 1 blue gene. A splash has 2 blue genes. When they mate, babies get half their genes from daddy, and half from mommy. So let's say the daddy is black. He has no blue genes to donate to baby. If mommy is also black, she also has no blue genes to give, so baby won't be blue or splash. In all likelihood, baby will be black or possibly another color that might be recessive in the black parents. Blue is a dilute of black. So, technically, a blue bird has a 50-50 chance of donating a blue gene and a splash has a 100% chance of donating a blue gene. So... if Black daddy is bred to a blue hen, the baby MIGHT get a blue gene from mommy (and none from daddy), so baby will be either black or blue. Now, if daddy is bred to a splash hen, all babies will be blue. That's cuz mommy will always donate 1 blue gene.

I used to have a Blue cock and a Splash cock. I got a few Splash babies, but got mostly Blues. I think it was because my Blue cock was a better breeder, plus the color of the hens he was bred to just seemed to throw more Blue babies than anything. I'm not sure why the percentages played out that way, but it did. I was hoping to get more Splashes! lol Oh well. That's the way life goes.

Keeping chickens out of battery cages - one egg at a time!

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