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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:36 am 

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I would be interested in people's idea for transport boxes for shows Poultry

PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:52 am 
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It's a difficult question to answer Bob.
So many factors to consider, your vehicle or do you have a trailer, the breed of fowls and whether you keep bantams or large fowl, distance you want to travel them and time of year.
That being said there are a few basics that you need to consider.
The boxes need to be light yet strong, well ventilated but as dark as possible.
I've seen fowls die from heat stroke when boxes are too enclosed without adequate ventilation.
The boxes need to be darkened to keep fowls quiet, they travel with a lot less stress in a darkened box.
The boxes need to be large enough to accomodate the fowls you wish to transport but light enough to be handled by one person,to and from a vehicle, pens or the pavilion.So often we see these great boxes with all the bells and whistles that the owner cannot move.
The old tea chest made great carry boxes for singles, pairs or trios, dependant on how they were divided or whether laid on there side or stood up to fit the size fowls they needed to transport.These are now hard to find or get your hands on.
If you are making boxes from scratch I would use light dressed timber screwed together for strength, light thin ply and maybe aluminium angle to strengthen corners and base.
The old 'A' frame or tent box is a simple, easy and cheap one to make up quickly.Just a simple base tray with a frame centred to support the cover and to use as a carry handle.They can be covered with hession or shade cloth, do not damage tails but are very difficult to stack or fit into a vehicle as they take up space and a 2nd layer is difficult to accomodate.They are well ventilated though.
I would make boxes for large fowl to accomodate no more than 3 or 4 fowls if say you have maybe OEG or light soft feather, less if you have heavy softfeathers or heavy game breeds.Bantam boxes on the other hand can be made to accomodate 6 or 8 fowls again dependant on breeds, more if say modern game were your choice or less if say RIR's or Austrlorps were to be carried.
Alternatively you could use 'pet or cat' carry packs, small or large dependant on your breed.
These are not the cheapest way to go but are the quickest and could be adapted with divisions for small bantams, as is for trios that are used to being together or for small waterfowl breeds, maybe even a pair of Indian Runners for a short trip.The larger sizes will accomodate any breeds of fowls or waterfowl, even geese.
The advantage is they are plastic to be cleaned and sterilised ,can be collapsed for storage and most have a waterproof base for spills, damp droppings etc.They are always well ventilated for the animals comfort and if simmilar or complimentary sizes were selected stack into a vehicle neatly and easily.
It all depends on your needs, available time to make them or finances to purchase them or materials to make them up.

Malay Game specialist Std & bantam. Breeding since 1968, interested in breed since 1950's

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