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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:47 pm 
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To have TAME ducks, and i mean really tame - so you can pat them and move them about it is best to purchase sexed young ducklings and hand raise them. Hand raising them is very easy, i will do a sticky for that as well This ensures they will be bonded to you and wil be freinds for life.

Bantam Ducks
Being smaller(roughly the size of an afl footy) they do not need as much space, making them very easy to keep. For a trio i would a minimum pen size of 1.5X1.5m, if they are constantly containd, If you are letting them out during the day, you can get away with less space.

Some great bantam duck breeds include call ducks, mallards, silver appleyards and saxony bantams.

Often the bantams have very cheeky personalities. I have found that the bantams tend to chatter alot more, with some of the smaller breeds like calls making alot more noise that you would have thought possible from thier small bodies.

Bantam ducks will eat roughly a medium sized handful of feed morning and night.

Light Ducks
Light ducks in general are double the size of a bantam. I would allow slightly more space if they are to be kept contained most of the time. A pen 2.5x2.5m will happily keep 3, if being let out daily, i would allow .75m2 sleeping space per bird.

Interesting breeds include the Indian Runner, Cambell, Welsh Harlequin Most light breed ducks make eccelent layers, laying large eggs and plenty of them.

They will require (depending on breed) a large handful of feed morning and night.

Heavy Ducks
These in general are gentle giants, being very large and relatively slow moving. They are like big teddies. They need alot more space than the light and bantam ducks, most are similar in size to a small goose. I would allow a 3.5x3.5 - 4m x 4m pen if containing themall day (for 3), if letting them out during the day, allow at least 1m2 sleeping space per bird.

They will eat at least two large handfuls twice daily (depnding on breed).

Heavy breeds were mostly produced for meat, although some are eccelent utility breeds like the aylesbury and pekin, breed for both meat and eggs. Other breeds of heavy duck include the rouen and Muscovy.

Light and bantam ducks will live well with chooks if all raised young. I would be cautious about adding ducks when the chooks are old. Ducks will however try to much up the water of chooks, this can be prevented by using concrete pavers to raise up the drinkers on. Ducks will spill the water, so bear in mind you may need to clean out the pen a little more often (the garden will love the mulch).



This is just a guide to help those not experinced with ducks. They are a lot of fun, and well worth a try.

If you can keep chooks, geese will be a BREEZE!

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