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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:56 pm 

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slight update from original post...

Firstly, i have heard that medicated chick crumble is bad for ducklings, can anyone confirm this?? the lady i got my 2 x 3 week old ducklings from was already feeding them medicated crumble... would this have harmed them? what does it do to ducklings??

secondly, does anyone know where i can get unmendicated duck crumble in Tasmania?? i have the medicated stuff but am worried about feeding it to them...

Ducklings are 3 weeks old...

PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:27 pm 
Wise Wyandotte
Wise Wyandotte
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Not a problem.

I and many other breeders raise 100s of ducklings on it yearly.

So far from what i can work out, the unmediated duck crumbs cost $10.00 more per bag than the medicated chick crumbs. Go figure - lol


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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 9:50 pm 
I am with TOH, use the chick starter, I have no problems

people say do not raise this with that and do not feed them this!!!!

I raise turpkey poults, goslings, ducklings, (both Muscovy and Call), guinea fowl keets and chicks, (both bantam and large) all toegether, I just watch to size differences. The goslings do not stay long in the "third" broody, before they are given to foster parents. But the rest stay together until my first or second cull. Then the special birds get VIP treatment.

But back to the chick starter, it has never hurt any of my birds, but I do only use until they leave the "third" brooder, then they are on a "pullet grower crumble", this allow the small bantams to still find small pieces.

To example my broody systems, "first" brooder is inside the house (I have a dedicated room it it), constant temp and I can check them every few hours, this is used for the first week, then they are moved to the second brooder(s), still inside, but are for them to grow feathers and size (Bantam Modern Game stay her for several weeks, Muscovy ducklings a few days). The "third" is a shed with sand floor and lights, lots of feed and water and they are introduced to greens, they stay here until fully feathered. Then out to the grow out cages. I have to do this because, I have some rare breeds so incubator from August to February and I have heaps of breeds, so hatch 400-500 young a year.

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