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Silly Guinea Fowls
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Author:  muddilyn [ Tue Feb 28, 2006 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Silly Guinea Fowls

Hello ,

I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on why suddenly my guineas are refusing to go to bed at night ,preferring to sleep on the roof of the henhouse.

They have only just started this since we lost one in mysterious circumstances last week .They have high perches which they appeared to like well enough before inside the house.

It is wearing a bit thin on the patience having to go out in the pouring rain at 1 a.m to lift them off the roof ! My conscience won't allow me to leave them there and I would hate to lose anymore .

Any advice or suggestions gratefully accepted.They quite happily shared the house with 6 bantams until this began but I am thinking maybe that is the problem?

Cheers Muddilyn

Author:  Ginny [ Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Muddilyn,

Can't offer much in the way of advice as my guinea fowl have not used the hen house since they learned to fly. They now roost in a gum tree which overhangs the chook yard even though they were raised in a closed pen.

Before moving to my present house where I have just 3 GF I had about 30+ at my old house (same farm, about 2km apart). I had incubated and hand reared all of those over the years and none would use the shed or roost, all going for the tallest, densest gum tree nearest the yard where they were raised. When 'their' tree was cut down, they moved to another and another until they settled for their present one nearest where the youngest were raised. I lose most of my females while sitting on nests before I find them so I usually end up with a mostly bachelor flock.

The same has happened here although I started off with ten young chicks all by themselves. I lost a few in a really wild storm and a couple got lost and ended up at the other house with my old flock. I am down to 3 but have just hatched 12 chicks from them so my little flock is growing.

All in all I'm not much help. They never seem to get quiet like a nice silkie or other pet chook even though they all come for a feed. Keep us posted on how you go.


Author:  muddilyn [ Fri Mar 03, 2006 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Update on the Guineas

Thanks for the reply , I did find the info helpful even though you thought you could not offer much, it was great.

Now I can stop stressing and trying to figure out why and what is up with mine .Actually I gave up forcing them and they sleep on the shed but I would prefer they were up a tree or somewhere with more shelter because they are totally exposed to the elements .I have rescued them on more than one occasion looking like drowned rats.!

I am too soft and absolutely dread the thought that I may have to put something out of it's misery one day .Could never be a "real " farmer and eat anything that I have looked in the eye !

Thanks again and your place sounds great

Muddilyn :D

Author:  Ginny [ Fri Mar 03, 2006 6:57 pm ]
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Glad to help. I hope they find a big bushy tree soon as they do look bad when they get really wet. My older birds seem to cope quite well with winter but the young ones do like a bit of extra food in the wet weather, especially the bran and pollard mash I give the chooks. The old flock just help themselves to the bulk grain stored in the shed.

Don't sell yourself short. Most people can be as tough as they need to be. I don't like putting animals down but I can. If given a choice I'll get my husband to do it. Eating pets is a no-no on our farm but to compensate for that I choose not to rescue male lambs/calves/poultry/goats etc. If I hand rear a young female I usually get to keep it as a breeder when its grown but economics don't allow for 10 yr old steers to wander around the farm eating, getting fatter and producing absolutely nothing just because he's a pet. And I still like a good steak, just not one I've hand reared. :D

Does it get cold where you are? I know some areas of QLD get some really wild weather but the GF should be able to handle it. High winds are probable the worst for mine as they tend to fly when they get stressed. I'm on the top of a hill and they can end up hundreds of yards away from the main flock when they fly which stresses them more. A vicious cycle. Thats how I lost the first few of my present flock although I did try to round them up from a half km away, up a gum tree. Next morning there were 3 less. Ho hum - life on a farm. I wouldn't swap it for the world


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