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Selling Eggs
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Author:  petanque [ Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Selling Eggs

For those who are interested in selling home produce

may be worth investigating.

From other posts it seems many people have chooks as a hobby that costs them.

One person asked me to share my secrets as far as making the chooks at least cover their costs.

As person who studied economics I was surprised by this.

However I was also surprised to hear that economics was invented to make accountants seem interesting. :biggrin:

A hobby/pastime that covers its costs is a lot cheaper than many hobbies.

This is a rehash of a commonly used 4 p's of maketing that are





With reference to eggs (however the principals apply to nearly anything) remember this is from the consumers point of view after all they are the ones who are paying.

Product : Is eggs to most consumers your eggs are the same as supermarket eggs size would be something consumers can tell the difference. After all who would pay the same for small eggs as opposes to extra large eggs assuming you are going to eat them? If consumers can get them from the supermarket for $4.00/ dozen to get them to pay more for your eggs will need some sort of effort.

Place : refers to the place of your sales. If you live in a remote place this may make selling things difficult. For instance a sign by the front gate will not achieve much if only you and your neighbours use the road. If you live in a town on a busy street this may be effective.

Price : As a person with a business & economics degree I could talk for hours about pricing. Basically too cheap and you miss out on income too expensive and you don't sell all your eggs. On the simplest level if you are always selling out of eggs you are too cheap. Conversely if you never come close to selling out you are too expensive. Price can be used as a way of managing demand.

Promotion : this is the marketing and is out to add value to the eggs. For instance terms like grass fed, natural, cruelty free & tasty could be terms that could be used to describe eggs that may make consumers see you eggs as more valuable and so pay more.

Different people want different things form their poultry and so to some the cost may not be important.

I hope you find this food for thought.

Author:  PossumCorner [ Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Eggs

The 'P' that is left off the list is "Permission". No-one can start selling eggs locally willy-nilly (or even give them to a neighbour over the fence). Permits to apply for through Dept of Health/Council: property ID No to be applied for through State Dept of Agriculture or equivalent. These requirements apply in all States.

There are a few threads in the forum on selling eggs sharing the steps to go through to be able to do markets or honesty box at gate.

Author:  petanque [ Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Eggs

I am under the the impression that in SA that the regulations if you have less than 50 chickens are quite informal.

What regulations apply in other areas I have no idea.

I also have no idea how many chickens most people on this forum have.

Clearly if you don't comply with the relevant regulations it has the potential to eventually catch up with you.

While regulations are needed to ensure a minimum standard is applied.

It would seem sensible that regulations would not be about preventing small business from operating.

it would also seem sensible that regulations are not made by politicians to make themselves look stupid.

Author:  chookyinoz [ Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selling Eggs

Basically, if you sell even one egg you must comply with all the rules and regulations that apply to selling food stuffs. In law, eggs are regarded as a food stuff. It is a mine field for the unwary. The number of fowls you have is an entirely different issue for different purposes.


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