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 Post subject: Avitrol plus
PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:13 am 

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Hi all,
Can chickens have a bad reaction to Avitrol plus worming tablets? I have a 11mo orpington rooster who suddenly lost most function in one leg. The only thing that I know was different was that I had wormed him with Avitrol plus the day before (4.5 tablets for 3kg weight). He was the only one I had wormed. He has had the tablets before, as has the rest of the flock. There are no warnings on the label, however google search tells me that adverse reactions to Avitrol plus include leg and wing paresis?

Paresis seems to fit the description of this leg - he has little strength, tries to place the foot and toes but the signal is not quite getting there. At one point I thought it was paralysis as he was dragging it behind and his toes were curled. In the last day or so he seems to be more aware of the leg & trying to walk by flicking it behind before bringing it forward and placing it on the ground. He is quite uncoordinated & is now sitting most of the time.

I have taken him to an Avian vet who thought it could be Mareks but was not sure due to his age. I also thought it could be Mareks but now that he seems more aware of the leg I'm wondering whether it could be a bad reaction to Avitrol?

 Post subject: Re: Avitrol plus
PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:40 pm 
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Old Mother Goose
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Some of the heavy breeds males seem to go through a stage where their weight exceeds their leg strength and they develop a strange 'strut' and then collapse. Most outgrow it but I've had some who just terminally run out of energy. Not sure what the answer is except adequate exercise, low perches and not to allow them to grow too fast. Don't feed any thing like a meat bird ration. Grain on the ground has been suggested as the scratching may build muscle.
Additional B vitamins may help but best given in a complete avian vitamin formula.

The classic pose for a bird with 'leg Mareks' is with one leg outstretched and toes curled. It continues to deteriorate - there doesn't seem to be a period of remission.

The fact that your rooster is only affected in one leg however probably indicates something systemic rather than developmental. The info on the paresis may point to the Avitrol. Another possibility is another ingested toxin. Some poisons can cause paralysis which with luck may be temporary. Check his environment for any thing suspicious mouldy/rotting/stagnant/chemicals/poisonous plants etc

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