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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:11 pm 
Showy Hen
Showy Hen

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<b><u><font color="blue">BASIC CHECK LIST FOR THE SICK BIRD</font></u></b><br />Please answer these brief questions below, so we can help you as soon as possible.<br /><br /><i><font color="green"><b>Age</b>

hatched in December 2015

</font></i>:<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Breed</b>


</font></i>:<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Sex</b>


</font></i>:<br /><br /><i><font color="green"><b>Your Location</b></font></i>- country, state (different areas/climates have different problems)<br />ANSWER:<br />

Central West NSW Australia

<br /><i><font color="green"><b>What is wrong? What symptoms have you noted?</b></font></i> - As much detail as possible please.

This young hen has just hatched a few chicks roughly 1 week ago. She has lost a lot of condition and is very thin but appears generally well (eyes, nostrils etc, plumage appears good) except that she has developed a messy vent and diarrhoea which appears to be basically water.
She did not have this prior to hatching the chicks.
She was (and still is) in a separate pen from the other chickens but they can interact through a wire fence.
The rooster (wyandotte, same hatch date) and another hen (light sussex 2 or 3 years) have also developed the same symptoms. I suspect they had it first because I noticed the messy vent on the sussex first.

<br />ANSWER:<br /><br /><i><font color="green"><b>What are you feeding?</b></font></i> - Please list everything you're feeding to your birds, including type of basic feed, free ranging, scraps, extras, etc. If possible give approximate percentages.

She has free access to medicated chick starter. During the period that she was sitting we made a point of giving her something extra for a protein boost every day. Usually scrambled eggs. Sometimes tuna or mince. Her colour is very good for a hen who has been sitting.
She also has access to grass.

The other chooks have free access to layer pellets. They get vegetable scraps from the kitchen some days (maybe 3x a week) and scratch mix some days, usually as a lure to get them back in their pen. They get let out to free range for a few hours most afternoons but only when we are home to supervise.

<br />ANSWER:<br /><br /><br /><i><font color="green"><b>Full droppings description.</b></font></i>- colour, consistency, frequency, offensive smell.<br />ANSWER:<br />

It's a basically clear gush of fluid. Seems quite frequent although I haven't counted bowel movements. Bedding gets very wet and smelly quickly.

I have a broody currently in the main coop who is producing apparently normal broody poo and someone is producing normal cecal droppings also.

<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Respiratory Changes?</b></font></i>- eg. breathing sounds, discharge, laboured breathing, facial swelling<br />ANSWER:<br />

Appears normal.

<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Digestive Changes?</b></font></i>- eg. eating, drinking, crop filling &amp; emptying<br />ANSWER:<br />

Appears to be drinking a lot. Eating well.

<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Condition Changes?</b></font></i>- eg. Weight, comb/wattle colour, skin, feathering<br />ANSWER:<br />

Definite weight loss. Otherwise they all appear bright and well.

<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Behavioural Changes?</b></font></i>- inc. socialising, laying, crowing, broodiness<br />ANSWER:<br />

The rooster is put out that 2 of the girls are brooding, otherwise everything seems normal.
Mum is a fantastic and dedicated mother.

<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Agility Changes?</b></font></i> - eg. any lameness, favouring, energy levels<br />ANSWER:<br />


<br /><font color="Green"> <i><b><u>Describe </u>your usual worming routine and products. </b></i></font> [If none, say so and skip the next 3 worming questions.] Do you have a cycle that you use eg. every 3 months, or every six months?<br />ANSWER:<br />

We worm direct to beak with moxidectin plus every 3 months.

<br /><font color="Blue"><b>1.</b> </font><i><font color="green"><b><u>When</u> was the bird last wormed??</b>

The mother hen missed her last dose as we were concerned about doing anything that might unsettle things while she was sitting.
The others were all wormed about 3 weeks ago.

</font></i>- approximate date. <br /> ANSWER:<br /><br /><font color="Blue"><b>2. </b> </font><font color="Green"> <b><i>What product was used to worm the bird, and how was it given? </i></b>?</font> eg. in the drinking water, on the skin, by injection?<br /> ANSWER:<br /><br /><font color="Blue"><b>3. </b> </font><font color="Green"><i><b>Was a follow up dose given?</b></i> </font> (eg. 10-14 days later)<br /> ANSWER:<br /><br /><i><font color="green"><b>Any other recent medications?</b>
</font></i>- antibiotics, coccidiosis meds, herbal remedies, etc<br />ANSWER:<br /><br /><i><font color="green">


<b>Other changes?</b></font> </i> – additions to the flock, diet, housing, extreme weather<br />ANSWER:<br />

relocated mother hen into maternity pen inside usual run and from there into a separate pen with its own run.

No other changes.

<br /><i><font color="green"><b>Photos?</b></font> </i> – any relevant photos are very helpful<br />INSERT HERE:

I don't have any photos, I will add some in comments if I can get one.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:24 pm 
Old Mother Goose
Old Mother Goose
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Given that she is not the only one with these symptoms and that there are chicks, I would get a poo sample to a vet for analysis.

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