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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:14 am 

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This is my first time posting here so i'll do my best to be as specific as I can.

Age: 2 1/2
Breed: Muscovy duck
Sex: Female

Location- Australia, NSW, Mid North Coast

Symptoms: So far she seems pretty good I'm just worried about some black spots that have appeared on her face, it's currently only on one side and have been there about about 3-4 days and definitely looks like discolouration rather than a layer of dirt because it's not textured or raised. I think she is also iron deficient as she's always had a slight orange tinge to her face.

I feed her Golden yolk layer pellets, I give her and my drake a big scoop of it using a medium sized plastic pot plant, they usually eat a reasonable amount in the morning and then graze mostly during the day whilst occasionally eating more from the pile of pellets. I was originally feeding them Darling Downs but they often picked the pellets out and left the rest of the grains so it was a waste.

Full droppings description.- droppings are varied and fine, sometimes solid sometimes runny but not offensive.

She has a small plastic pond for water which we change regularly or when it's dirty enough. In summer there are a lot of mosquitoes but it's been too cold recently so I haven't seen any.

Condition Changes?- As I said earlier, her caruncle has always been a bit orange here and there and she has always been lazy when it comes to grooming so sometimes she has wet feathers but I promise you it's not part of it, she can very easily preen her feathers and look clean and tidy, and recently she has been very dry and clean but we've had rain the past few days so she's gone back to being wet and lazy haha. We had chickens last year for about 4 months but realised they were both roosters so we gave them away, other than that she hasn't had any interactions with chickens or other poultry.

Behavioural Changes?- She's usually a silly bitch to me and my partner, she's always been like that, we used to have 2 other female muscovies and a drake but they were killed about 2 years ago. She was always the least friendliest despite being hand raised with her sisters, sometimes she can be lovely and wants to be with you but even since the new drake she's been a bit stand offish again.

Other changes? – we've had a drake for about 5 and a half months now, got him when he was a duckling and he's now a very big boy, I think he may have started dominating her as he has also started dominating me, but I just give him a firm tap on his bill or pick him up to calm him down, she however does not take any of his crap and will run away from him if he's being a bit aggressive.

I took some photos of her this morning, it's the best I could do with my drake trying get all up in my face because he was excited to see me/dominate me haha.

I know it might seem a bit early to start worrying but I want to make sure I get in early before anything bad could happen.

20170614_092938-s.jpg [ 1.79 MiB | Viewed 1537 times ]
20170614_092921-s.jpg [ 1.23 MiB | Viewed 1537 times ]
20170614_092917-s.jpg [ 1.39 MiB | Viewed 1537 times ]
PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:31 pm 
Old Mother Goose
Old Mother Goose
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Hi PreciousLilyWhite and welcome to BYP.
I wouldn't be too worried about you duck atm . She looks to be in very good health. I love her blue eyes :biggrin:
The ducks will never have as much colour on their face as the drakes.
Have you tried washing the black spots off. It may just be dirt or even scabs from minor injuries.
The other possibility is stick fast fleas. Spray a little insecticide on a cotton bud and dab the spots. There will be movement if there is life.

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