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Angel Wing - BYP thread
Angel Wing, duck, taping


Bellsouth 100 Instructions - Adobe Acrobat required
Brinsea Instruction Manuals
Brooder Ideas - boxes
Brooder Boxes pics
Brooder, Cold - Mother Hen Box
Brooding ducks
Brooder for ducklings
Brooding - Hatching & Brooding Chicks
Brooding & Raising Chicks
Brooding temperature for chickens
Brooding temps for chickens

Brooding/Rearing Young Poultry - Click Here for Gallery Folder

Broody Coop Design
Broody Hen housing


Candler - LED - Make your own
Candling Eggs - links on left hand side
Candling - What eggs look like when candling
Candling Eggs – What to Expect
Candling guide - pdf including photos
Candling Photos
Candling photos by Ninacat in order
Ceramic globes
Ceramic Globes available here - online reptile shop
Chick Development during incubation - Youtube slideshow
Chicken Feed
Choosing eggs for incubation
Cleaning your Incubator
Cold Brooder - How to Make a Cold Brooder
Common Incubation Problems - pdf
Correcting a Digital Thermometer - Resistive sensor type


Development of Chick – Day 1 to Hatch - photos
Double Yolkers - Will they hatch?
Duck brooder
Duck Brooding - scroll down for temperatures
Duck Egg Incubation
Duckling brooding
Ducklings - rearing muscovies
Dry Incubation


Egg Anatomy & Development
Egg Hatchability
Egg Storage
Egg Storage before Incubation
Egg water loss - measuring
Egg-O-Meter - Thermometer for measuring egg temperature
Energetics of Avian Incubation - A scientific read for those who wish to delve a bit deeper


Fan in Bellsouth
Fan – Putting a fan into a Bellsouth Incubator
Fan - Putting a fan into any foam incubator
Feather Sexing for Chicks
Fertility – How to tell if eggs are fertile
Fertilization by rooster
Frying pan incubation


Globes - ceramic
Ceramic Globes - Vaucluse Livestock Equipment
Goose Eggs - Incubation


Hatch Table - Multiquip
Hatching & Brooding Chicks
Heating cord used in incubator
Hovobator Incubators
Hovobator Instruction - manuals GQF
Hovobator Water Channels
Humidity - How to get moisture loss right - by Denis
Humidity Controller - Home made
Humidity - scroll down
Humidity - What's Ideal?
Hygrometer Calibration


IM Incubator Temp & Manual link
Incubation - Day 1 - Hatch inside the egg pics
Incubation - Dry
Incubation Times - Hatch Table
Incubating – Favourite Incubator Poll
Incubating Using a Foam Type Incubator
Incubation - Common problems and remedies - Google book
Incubation of Poultry - Info page at University of Missouri
Incubators – Make your own
Incubation times birds
Incubation Troubleshooting - PDF
Incubation Troubleshooting - Uni of Florida
Incubator Project by Torsten - PID information + Costings - Great pictures.


JN 8-48 User made guide to the Janoel JN 8-48



LED Candler - Make Your Own
Leg problems - Orthopedics for chicks
Leg Problems - Splinting Spraddle/splay Legs with Bandaid


Manuals - Brinsea
Manuals - a range hosted by W.A. Poultry Supplies
Measuring Egg Water Loss
Mouse trap - fantastic
Multiquip E1 E2 E3 Instructions
Multiquip Hatch Table




PIDs available from Auber Instruments. Instruction manuals downloadable here.
PID info included in Torsten's Incubator Project page
Power Failure during incubation
Posting Eggs with a Good Hatch Rate
Posting eggs Recipe with a few comments
Posting Eggs
Posting Eggs
Posting eggs - packaging pics
Posting eggs - packaging pics by Dunderi
Posting Eggs by Lapsteeler

Quail Brooding


Reptile Heating Cord used in Incubator
RCOM 20 Maintenance


Sexing Chicks by Feathers
Sexing Ducklings & Goslings - Video by Metzer. A big long but hang in there until the end.
Slipped tendon, lame chick
Smart Incubators


Temperature Conversion
Thermometer Correction, digital - Resistive sensor type
Thermometer - Egg-O-meter - Measures Egg Temperature
Thermostat option - PID unit
Thermostat adjustment on Bellsouth after fan installation

Timers for incubator turners
Towel Rack - Heated - for Brooding chicks
Troubleshooting Incubation
Troubleshooting Incubation - PDF
Turner - Egg
Turner ideas



Water Loss during incubation - measuringing
Wet Bulb Thermometer




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