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PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:07 pm 
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Sorry about that. Please come on the 13/10/19.

I have requested the Moderator to change the heading and rectify my mistakes.


PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:23 am 
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Hi All here is the latest list of all entries received so far.

CHOOKS 9/10/19

Ancona pullets
Ancona bantam pullets
Appenzella pullets
Appenzella cockerels
Araucana black pullets
Araucana blue pullets
Araucana lavender pullets
Araucana splash pullets
Araucana pullets
Araucana lavender pullets
Araucana grey hens
Araucana lavender hens
Araucana white rooster
Australorp black pullets
Australorp black pairs
Australorp blue pullets
Australorp splash pullets
Bantam black hens [laying]
Barnevelder roosters
Barnevelder double laced hens
Barnevelder double laced roosters
Barnevelder dark laced hens
Barnevelder dark laced trio
Barnevelder blue laced pair
Barnevelder gold laced
Barnevelder splash pullets
Barnevelder red splash cockerel
Belgium D’Uccles pullets
Belgium Millefleurs pullets
Belgium splash pullets
Brahma silver laced pullet
Brahma white pair
Campine gold hens
Cross Bred layers
Dorking silver grey rooster
Dorking roosters
Faverolle black pair
Faverolle black pullets
Faverolle salmon pullets
Faverolle salmon cockerel
Faverolle bantam salmon pair
Faverolle bantam salmon pullets
Frizzle pairs
Frizzle pullets
Hamburgh silver spangled pullets
Hamburgh silver/ spangled trio
Japanese bantam black/tail white
Langshan bantam hens
Legbar pairs
Legbar gold pairs
Leghorn millefleurs pullet
Leghorn white pullets [CSIRO line]
Marans blue hens
Marans French hens
Marans wheaten pullets
Marans French wheaten hens
New Hampshire pullets
Old English Game black/white trio
Old English Game black/white hen
Old English Game red/black pullets
Old English Game hen
Old English Game wheaten pullets
Orpington blue hen
Pekin pullets
Pekin red trio
Pekin red cockerel
Pekin white pairs
Plymouth Rock pullets
Plymouth dark barred pullets
Plymouth Rock dark barred roosters
Plymouth Rock w/d barred
Rhode Island Red pullets
Rhode Island Red pair
Rhode Island Red bantam pullets
Rhode Island Red X Sussex silver hens
Rhode Island Red X Pekin red pullets
Rosecomb pullets
Silkie pullets various colours
Silkie grey, red, white, black and buffs pullets [show quality]
Silkies bearded grey, red, white, black and buffs pullets [show quality]
Silkies white rooster
Silkie white pullets
Silkie hens
Spanish white faced black pullets
Sussex bantam coronation hen & chicks
Sussex bantam coronation hens
Sussex bantam coronation trio
Sussex lavender pullets
Sussex light pullets
Sussex light hens
Sussex light pairs
Sussex platinum pullets
Sussex bantam light trio
Sussex speckled pullets
Sussex speckled trio
Cross bred hens
Vorwerk hens [laying]
Welsummer roosters
Wyandotte hens
Wyandotte blue laced pullets
Wyandotte splash laced pullets
Wyandotte silver laced pullets
Wyandotte silver laced hens
Wyandotte silver laced rooster
Wyandotte bantam gold laced hens
Wyandotte bantam gold laced rooster
Wyandotte bantam silver laced pullets

Aylesbury ducks pair
Bantam ducklings
Call Ducks pairs
East Indie black drake
Indian Runner pairs
Khaki Campbell pairs
Saxony bantam drake
Chinese geese pair


Pheasants ring neck Males and females
Japanese quail

Guinea fowl pairs


Capuchines pairs
Fantails pairs
Jacobean pair
Lahores pairs
Larks pair
Rollers pairs

Australorp black
Belgium D’Uccles
Brahma black
Brahma white
Cuckoo exchequer
Dorking silver grey
Langshan bantam black
Leghorn Exchequer
Orpington black
Orpington blue
Orpington splash
Plymouth Rock white
Rhode Island Red
Sussex buff
Sussex lavender
Sussex light
Wyandotte silver laced
Muscovy ducks
Quail japanese

Chicken Coop
Chook feeders
Chook drinkers
Leg Rings and other gear
Special grains and feeds
Wheat and other grains
Crushed grains


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