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PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 12:25 pm 
Dapper Duck
Dapper Duck

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I've now got a WC Cuckoo Roo which is also in the same category as the White. I've now also got 2x self White Pullets. One is a Frizzle. I had them sent from Qld to Adelaide via Sammi's Pet Express and received a bit of a surprise at the meeting place. The poor Frizzle had been previously attacked by an overindulgent Polish White cockerel! She looked like a Naked Neck!! 3/4 of her crest had been plucked, the sides of her neck and her back saddle were worn down! I realise that this can happen in the chicken world but I consider this a fairly aggressive cockerel! The owner had offered me 2x White Cockerals as well and I agreed that he put the two Cockerals in with this trio a couple of days before pick up to see if they would get along with one another as they needed to go in the same crate. A good thing that this was done as it seems that the two Cockerals didn't get on with the yr old WC Cuckoo Roo! Which, of course, was a possibility but we were hoping that since they were all so young that they might all get along. So, I couldn't get either of the White Cockerals because of this. I'm thinking now that this only works if they are brought up together or are still only chicks when they first are "acclimatized" together.

I've only ever keep "gentleman" Roosters like my Silva, WC Splash Blue Polish Frizzle. I've never had problems with him causing saddle wearing on the hens so, I was a little surprised by this comment from the previous owner. quote, "I find that it's actually not the rooster who is the issue, but rather the female. If they just sit for the rooster they rarely have a feather out of place. She must have run away most of the time. Don't stress about it, she'll improve as a hen (they seem to learn)...", unquote. I hope this guy doesn't have the same attitude with humans! :laughing I know. We're talking about chickens here! But, my Silva would entice the hens to come close by dropping food for them and chortling for them to come and get it. I suppose that over exuberant Cockerals just can't be bothered waiting just like impatient teenagers! But, I, originally, thought that this behaviour was just dependent on what sort of breed they are but, now, I'm thinking maybe it's just dependent on temperament. :shrgg

The poor girls look more Beige than White after their journey..... It probably was from when they were penned with the over exuberant Cockerals for a couple of days before their journey.

I'm interested on hearing what other people's opinion is on this and, I'm sure, there will be other people interested in this topic. I tried to post a cpl of photos of the trio and, also, so you guys could see how badly she had been plucked but my new mobile doesn't appear to have the reduction capability in photo size. Blast! :hmmm: I'll have to upload it later as I have as yet to install Photoshop onto my laptop. Then, I'll be able to upload the photos.

Blast! Photoshop Disc is missing from package. Why oh Why didn't I put it back last time!! Stupido! Anyway, found I could put the photos into Paint and reduce the size there. Just thought someone might be interested to know one could do that! Yay!

WFrizPolishHen170206A.jpg [ 52.64 KiB | Viewed 818 times ]
WCCuckooRoo170206A.jpg [ 41.14 KiB | Viewed 818 times ]

WPolishHenWCCuckooR170206A.jpg [ 43.89 KiB | Viewed 818 times ]
PolishTrioWZCuckooWHen170206B.jpg [ 60.8 KiB | Viewed 818 times ]

Cluckin' & Chucklin' Away!
ChickyChooky :fead
PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:30 pm 
Junior Champion Bird
Junior Champion Bird

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Awww Poor things. Could they be moulting as well.
Did the Transporter say they were in this condition when she picked them up?
if you were going to try two young boys in with the trio, I would think you would be watching them closely.
I've never used Transport so I'm unsure of the rules, but that is a long trip. Hopefully they are not too stressed.
ETA I would not keep a male that was that rough on the girls. Obviously it is not the boy that is part of the trio.

Struggling with Lav**

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