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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:28 pm 

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Is this sour crop, what is sour crop? Or is it an infection? I have separated her but any advice gratefully received as I don’t want something to go through all my birds. What can I do?

Age: 12 weeks
Breed: black copper Marian’s
Sex: not sure, think hen

Your Location- country, state (different areas/climates have different problems)
ANSWER: Australia, Victoria 3807

What is wrong? What symptoms have you noted? - As much detail as possible please.
ANSWER: I have just been up to check all my chickens went into the roost before the auto door closed and found one outside. When I picked it up to put inside I noticed her front was all squishy like a water filled balloon. As I handled her and felt her crop she drooled what looked like water from her beak. I hadn’t noticed her behaving any differently during the day than any of the other birds but it has been a hot day and they were all sitting in the shade dustbathing.

What are you feeding? - Please list everything you're feeding to your birds, including type of basic feed, free ranging, scraps, extras, etc. If possible give approximate percentages.
Pullet grower, plus a handful of mixed grain between them (18 birds) every other day as a treat. As it has been hot have been giving them watermelon one day, lettuce another day, and when it has been really hot (30 x 40 degrees) I have given them water with ice blocks with sweet corn, grain or grated carrot in. They aren’t free ranging with the other birds but do have a large run with a few bushes in for shade. The last 2 weeks I have occasionally given them scraps, perhaps 5 times in all, but not much as we don’t have many scraps. Predominantly raw apple and veggie peelings (carrot, zucchini, chopped broccoli stem etc). I do not give them onion, avocado, potato or grapes etc.

Full droppings description.- colour, consistency, frequency, offensive smell.
ANSWER: Poo looks normal to me, see pic.

Respiratory Changes?- eg. breathing sounds, discharge, laboured breathing, facial swelling
ANSWER:no changes to breathing that I can see, though I think she has a yellow nostril, perhaps dried pus? See photo.

Digestive Changes?- eg. eating, drinking, crop filling & emptying
ANSWER: all the birds appeared to be eating and drinking okay today, didn’t notice any of them not doing so. Wasn’t until putting them to bed I realised this one had a crop full of water. I checked the other birds but they all felt okay. She does seem to be regurgitating liquid every now and again.

Condition Changes?- eg. Weight, comb/wattle colour, skin, feathering
ANSWER: apart from what I have described, nothing else noted.

Behavioural Changes?- inc. socialising, laying, crowing, broodiness
ANSWER: not noticed anything different until tonight not going into roost (but they are just getting used to the new automatic door.

Agility Changes? - eg. any lameness, favouring, energy levels

Describe your usual worming routine and products. [If none, say so and skip the next 3 worming questions.] Do you have a cycle that you use eg. every 3 months, or every six months?

ANSWER: my older hens are wormed every 3 months, and are due in March. these younger birds haven’t been wormed yet, I was planning on doing them when I do the rest. These pulleys have no. Access to the older birds, they are in repatriate runs.

Any other recent medications?- antibiotics, coccidiosis meds, herbal remedies, etc
ANSWER: no, only meds in chick starter and pullet grower.

Other changes? – additions to the flock, diet, housing, extreme weather
ANSWER: recent extreme weather over last month.

Photos? – any relevant photos are very helpful

Many thanks for your assistance.


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:28 am 
Golden Kingfisher
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It might be that she has a blockage somewhere and her crop is not draining into her stomach. Can you separate her from the others (e.g. in a smaller cage within the chook run) so you can monitor what she is eating, drinking and pooping?

Cheerio, Rach
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